In 2020, with the shift to remote work due to the pandemic, work-life balance became a priority more than ever. With work and home being one and the same, specifically a full household with spouses and kids, new challenges emerged.

Personally, my husband ended up quitting his contract job to help my son, a kindergartener at the time, with virtual classes. Our 4-year-old wandered between my office, watching shows, and heading over to my mom’s side of the house.

It seemed tempting to quit, but it we definitely needed at least one income for this household. We managed to pull through all right, and post-pandemic I plan to continue working remotely. Now that it’s summer and both of my kids are at home, here’s five tips to move from surviving to thriving in a full house:

1. Honor a routine

The kids usually wake up around 6:30 am when I do (I have no idea why, but this is reality), and they know to wait for me while I get ready so we can all have breakfast together. My husband gets to sleep in a little bit longer, around 7:30-8:00 am.

This alone is easy to get into the flow and isn’t too difficult. I used to resist it and miss having morning coffee time all to myself, but I know and have come to accept that this is a season and I’ll miss having breakfast with the kids one day.

2. Find blocks for “me-time”.

This is a must. Whether it’s Saturday mornings like I’m currently doing, or evenings after everyone is asleep, I have a good book to curl up to, do some art, or catch up on my own shows.

3. Date night time.

Usually on a Friday afternoon or evening, and it really can range from “date days” like grocery shopping without the kids, to a planned evening out at a restaurant. In addition to this, we have a Netflix show or a video game once the kids go to bed.

We also try to go out on a real date every few months, and my mom or my husband’s parents are willing to help. We also had a babysitter pre-COVID that we plan to reach out to again once the kids are vaccinated.

4. Merge Google calendars + add reminders

I have a calendar for personal, work, side projects, and family (this one is shared with my husband). I have a view into all calendars on one screen, so I know immediately when I have a conflict.

In addition to it, anytime I have a mental load or need to remind myself about something, it goes into one of the calendars.

This system has been EVERYTHING for me.

5. Find your why

Check out my Udemy course, “Design Your Ideal Life in 6 Weeks” for some self-guided life coaching and get clarity and take action on your ideal life.

I wholeheartedly believe that everyone needs to have something of purpose for themselves outside of the work they do, where there’s no pressure to perform, achieve, or accomplish. The best projects are ones that allow you to simply get in the flow, or look forward to the moment you wake up in the morning, or remind you how nice it feels to simply be alive and in the present moment.

So there you have it! Good luck. And if you have any topics you want me to cover in the future, would love to hear them!

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