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Whether you’re still finding your place in the corporate world, navigating motherhood, or pivoting your business to solve a problem in a completely different space, this episode is for you!

Courtnei shares insights and lessons from being a Black woman in the corporate world, how she’s created her own opportunities through making authentic connections with others, and how she plans to stay transparent as she takes the stepping stone into yet a new role.

About Courtnei

Since 2014, Courtnei Jones has led her own and other brands through successfully gaining strategic positioning online to increase brand awareness, visibility, and revenue. Courtnei is an author, beloved leader, the founder of Conversions by Courtnei, a coaching and consulting company, and CEO of Keywords on Social.
Notably, Courtnei has worked in partnership with Anthem, March of Dimes and the Institute for Contemporary Art to consult on strategies to increase brand awareness and revenue, and the University of Phoenix to educate others on how to do the same.

While Courtnei does work with larger brands, her greatest joy and focus is on smaller brands who wish to use the digital space to grow their brand and increase brand awareness online with revenue sourced from these efforts.
Clients have seen results like 148.900% increase in brand awareness and reach, immediate sales, notable collaborations, but best of all – peace of mind that they are taking the correct steps to get in front of the audience that matters most to their brand.

Learn more about Courtnei and Keywords on Social at keywordsonsocial.com or on your favorite social media platform at @courtneionline.

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