Swishie Podcast: Season 1, Episode 3: Courtney Chow on redefining success and taking the leap during the pandemic

In these interviews, we talk about how a pivotal moment or a series of moments have jumpstarted inspiring women of color on their current journey today.

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The pandemic provided people with time and space to reflect on their relationship with work: how they do it, where it happens, and, of course, what they actually want to do for a living. During the pandemic, when Courtney was laid off from a job she loved, she gave herself a three-month window to finally start the social media agency of her dreams. If you consider yourself multi-passionate and have thought of leaving the 9-5 but lack that clarity, or have been held back by fear time and time again in your life, listen in to my conversation today with Courtney Chow and get inspired by her story.

Courtney Chow is a social and marketing strategist who helps creatives and coaches do what they love and get paid for it by attracting their dream clients on Instagram. Based in Southern California, her superpower is building relationships both online and through meet-ups and making roadmaps that busy entrepreneurs can follow to hit their business goals. Her favorite platforms to market on are Instagram and Tik Tok and you can find @courtneychow.co on Instagram and www.courtneychowco.com

Listen to the full podcast on Anchor or Spotify.

What you’ll learn from this episode:

  • How Courtney bridged the gap between having many skills and finding aligning ways to serve her clients
  • How Silicon Valley helped her become intentional about her pivot
  • What to do if you feel like you’re a “Jill of all trades” and aren’t good at just one thing
  • Clarity on your focus areas and redefining purpose
  • Using fear as a motivator
  • Courtney’s love for Disney and learning about creativity in business
  • Coming from a risk-averse family and observations on being a woman of color in the coaching space
  • How to show up as yourself instead of following tactics inauthentic to you
  • Finding purpose through serving others
  • Courtney’s values of kindness, loyalty, and humility and how these influence her work and life
  • What it takes to start your own journey

Connect with Courtney + Courtney Chow Co:


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