In these interviews we talk about how a pivotal moment or a series of moments have jumpstarted inspiring women of color on their current journey today.

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Have you ever felt the inner rumblings of dissatisfaction, a knowing that the life you’re currently living could be better? Have you thought of leaving your corporate job to pursue self-employment but held yourself back because of fear? If any of this resonates with you, listen in to my conversation today with Jenny Lee.

Jenny Lee is a minimalism mentor and founder of Hello Brio, a community of conscious creatives and entrepreneurs. She adopted a minimalist lifestyle in 2013 after a major life event and a cross-country move. Jenny has written on Forbes, Becoming Minimalist, No Sidebar, Wild Minimalist, Medium, and her own blog, sharing insights about intentional living.

Jenny has felt the call to make sweeping changes in her life over the years, redefining her version of success from the standard American consumer-driven lifestyle of a big house with a white picket fence and a fancy career to simply finding peace in the current moment. She has successfully navigated several business pivots and talks about how consciousness (or how she refers to it, “healthy skepticism”, which I love!), connectedness, and creativity drive her. In today’s episode, we talk about how she’s honed in on her purpose over the years and how to be strategic when considering a big life or career pivot.

Listen to the full podcast on Anchor or Spotify.

What you’ll learn from this episode:

  • How Jenny knew corporate wasn’t for her
  • How she approached big changes like moving out of California and changing careers
  • What it meant to move from a consumer mindset to a minimalist mindset
  • How to be more intentional to remove the consent sense for striving
  • Jenny talks about the power of manifestation
  • What it means to invest in yourself, and how she got support along the way to her copywriting practice
  • Finding allies and supporting other WOC business owners
  • Advice for someone contemplating an international move
  • How to navigate any life change
  • Not “squashing” the passion when just starting out

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