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What does it mean to “follow your curiosity”, and why is this important? Curiosity can actually help you attract more of what you want in life.

In Elizabeth Gilbert’s book Big Magic, she says that if you can’t follow your passion, then follow your curiosity.

In this Swishie episode, Lia Fetterhoff describes three signs to help you figure out what you’re curious about and examples of how to act on that curiosity:

  • Sometimes, curiosity looks like frustration: How might you reframe an unpleasant situation in a different light?
  • Sometimes, curiosity looks like envy: What is missing from your life, and how do you use this to attract it into your life?
  • Sometimes, curiosity is simply following the call: If you want to learn more or dig deeper, what’s stopping you?

Watch now and learn how to reframe frustration or envy to make the most of your current situation, approach life more playfully, and why growth experiences like following curiosity will move you to thrive in work and life.

It’s time to start your journey in living a life you love.

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